About the Team

The team was first formed back in the 1970’s as a North of Tyne LEA team in response to an increase in the number of incidents occurring on the hills and fells of Northumbria as outdoor activities such as climbing and hill walking grew in popularity. It became the ‘North of Tyne Search & Rescue Team’ (NOTSRT) in the early 80´s and only recently became the ‘North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team’

The team is entirely staffed by unpaid volunteers, totaling around 35 qualified hill members and a number of trainees. We are funded solely by charitable donations as we receive no government funding, unlike our Scottish counterparts.

We currently operate in partnership with the Northumberland National Park MRT as "Northumbria Search & Rescue Service" providing Search and Rescue cover for the remote & open areas of Northumberland and Tyne & Wear 365 day of the year.

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